nicholas cobalt

So, have you completely just stopped making music? I mean, I kinda assumed so when you deleted everything about SMFB (SFMB?), but I just want to be sure. I CAN'T KEEP LIVING IN DENIAL

I’m still making music. just not SFMB. it’s kept heavily under wraps, and will be until the day i announce a release date.

and probably a month after I announce it, it’ll be out for your ears.

sorry it’s been taking so long though. the reason why it has is because I am only one person doing everything. I’ve learned so much the past couple of years from school and experimentation that I keep revising my work and it ends up being something completely new.

rest assured I’m putting my heart and soul into this. it’s not nickasaur. it’s better.

photoshop is so much fun like u can literally do anything like if u want to have cats as feet u could do it

best song this year hands down

here i am
why does she look like she belongs in a star trek movie

Oil Impacts 

Mountain Tour
Kim Astendorf